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Architectura glass 

Our Frozen and Fantasy ® glass lines offer elegant and decorative glass for architectural use in both interiors and exteriors, for framing purposes, and for decorative applications in general. We are capable of attending to large-scale construction projects in that we guarantee a homogenous finished product across different products lots. 

  • División de Vidrio 1
  • División de Vidrio 2
  • Fachada de Vidrio 1
  • Fachada de Vidrio 2
  • Puerta de Vidrio 1
  • Puerta de Vidrio 2
  • Ventanería 1
  • Ventanería 2
  • Mesa de Vidrio 1
  • Mesa de Vidrio 2

Applications and Uses

  • Construction and interiors
    • Office partitions, bathroom partitions or divisions within any environment that requires more privacy while still maintaining significant light diffusion and visual appeal.
    • Facades, doors, windows, marquees.
    • Signage and displays.
  • Furniture and Design
    • Kitchen furniture, closets, modular libraries, wooden and metallic furniture, among others.
    • Tables, kitchen and bathroom counters.
    • Stained-glass windows, lamps and decorative accents in general. 
  • Other Uses
    • Solar power cells
    • Screen or television protection panels