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Our glass boards crafted from our anti-glare Fantasy® glass are ideal for use within office spaces, living rooms, colleges, universities and any place that desires to enhance its space with a touch of elegance and modern appeal.

The glass boards crafted from our anti-glare Fantasy® glass are highly durable in that they prevent scratching and avoid ghosting unlike boards made from acrylic.  


  • The matte surface absorbs both natural and artificial light, which lets the viewer avoid bothersome glare and read what is written on the board from any angle.
  • The characteristic durability of our glass guarantees a surface free of scratches or stains, and allows for the use of dry erase markers as well as permanent ink.
  • Offers easy cleaning and maintenance with dissolvent like alcohol, thinner, or varsol, none of which harm the quality of its surface. We recommend regular cleaning or at least once a week to remove any grease from the surface of the board.


  • Anti-glare glass, 6 mm in thickness, tempered, polished, and dulled at the edges.
  • Four (4) or six (6) perforations, depending on the boards measurements, and spacers made of stainless steel for each perforation.
  • Board is capable of being written upon with dry erase and permanent ink alike.
  • Product is made from 100% safety glass.

Standard Measurements 

We also offer special sizing upon request.