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Frozen glass 

Our Frozen line of flat glass is the next evolution in sand-blasting. While it conserves the same characteristics and opacity as offered by the latter technique, Frozen has the added benefit of allowing for the easy cleaning of prints and markings. Furthermore, applying the treatment to both sides of the glass minimizes the possibility of cutting and installation errors.


  • Homogenous surface, treated on both faces.
  • Maintains the same properties as conventional clear and shiny glass in that it can be painted, tempered, polished, perforated, beveled, etc.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance, as resistant to water as it is to a variety of solvents.
  • Contains no films or adhesives and therefore does not scratch or ghost.
  • Acid washed surface that does not absorb grease.
  • Resistant to the elements, preserves its surface finish with the passage of time.
  • Offered in sheets from 2 mm to 19mm in thickness.
  • Color options: Frozen (clear), Blue, Green, Bronze, and Gray.
    We offer contract chemical processing of your independently sourced glass.*


Applications and Uses

  • Construction and interiors
    • Office partitions, bathroom partitions or divisions within any environment that requires more privacy while still maintaining significant light diffusion and visual appeal.
    • Facades, doors, windows, marquees.
    • Signage and displays.
  • Furniture and design
    • Kitchen furniture, closets, modular libraries, wooden and metallic furniture, among others.
    • Tables, kitchen and bathroom counters.
    • Stained-glass windows, lamps and decorative accents in general