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Glass boards crafted from our anti-glare Fantasy® line and mounted upon a mobile stainless steel pedestal.  Ideal for environments with limited space such as shared offices and conference rooms, or simply for the purpose of having the option of mobility if desired.

The glass boards crafted from our anti-glare Fantasy® glass are highly durable in that they prevent scratching and avoid ghosting unlike boards made from acrylic. 


  • The matte surface absorbs both natural and artificial light, which lets the viewer avoid bothersome glare and read what is written on the board from any angle.
  • The characteristic durability of our glass guarantees a surface free of scratches or stains, and allows for the use of dry erase markers as well as permanent ink.
  • Offers easy cleaning and maintenance with dissolvent like alcohol, thinner, or varsol, none of which harm the quality of its surface. We recommend regular cleaning or at least once a week to remove any grease from the surface of the board.


  • Anti-glare glass, 6 mm in thickness, tempered, polished, and dulled at the edges.
  • Includes a white adhesive film applied to the back of the board so as to generate the necessary contrast required to be able to read what is written on its surface without being affected by whatever is behind the board.
  • The pedestal upon which we fasten our boards is made of stainless steel and comes complete with four (4) wheels with brakes. The pedestal measures approximately 190 cms in height.
  • The glass has four (4) perforations and comes with stainless steel spacers for each perforation.
  • Board is capable of being written upon with dry erase and permanent ink alike.
  • Product is made from 100% safety glass.

Standard Measurements


One standard measurement for boards with pedestals measuring 80*120 cms.