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Chemical Products 

Productos quimicos


Our engineering department has specialized in the production, (mediante maquila?), of consumption grade chemical products meant for the ionization and fluoridation of table salt or drinking water, as well as industrial grade pharmaceutical and chemical products. 

Chemicals for the fluoridation and ionization of table salt.


In the area of chemical products designed as additives to table salt and water for human consumption, we offer our clients exclusive formulas of high purity and free of harmful contaminates that could compromise human health. We also provide the technical expertise required to ensure their optimal management and dispersal.

  • Chemical products for table salt:
    • Potassium Flori-tte: Its main component is high purity (99.8%), food grade, Kosher certified potassium fluoride. Used to fluoridate salt meant for human consumption the salt for human consumption by method of fluoridation in a humid base (fluorización en base húmeda?).
    • Sodium Flori-tte: Its main component is high purity (98%) Sodium FlourideSu componente principal es Fluoruro de Sodio alta pureza (98%). Used to fluoridate salt meant for human consumption by method of fluoridation in dry base. (por método de fluorización en base seca?)
    • Iodide K: Potassium Iodide.
    • Iodat K: Potassium Iodate.
    • Food Grade Potassium Chloride: for preparation of dietary salt
    • Silic20: Silicon Dioxide, anticompactant.
    • Sodium Ferrocyanide, anticompactant.
  • Chemical products for water fluoridization:
    • Aqua-Flúor: Sodium Fluorosilicate 99%.
    • Fluorosilicate Acid at 25% and 40%.

Chemical products for pharmaceutical use

In the pharmaceutical field, we offer a wide spectrum of products known for their optimum quality.

  • Chemical products for pharmaceutical use:
    • Lidocaine.
    • Cloxacillin.
    • Dicloxacillin.
    • Amoxicillin Trihydrate.

Industrial Chemicals

In the area of products meant for technical use we also offer a variety of products of excellent quality.

  • Chemical products for industrial use:
    • Fluorhydric Acid at 70%.
    • Ammonium Bifluoride.
    • Technical Grade Sodium Fluoride .
    • Ammonium Fluoride.
    • Aluminum Fluoride.
    • Potassium Fluoroaluminate.
    • Nickel Fluoride.
    • Copper Chloride.
    • Copper Carbonate.
    • Copper Bromide.
    • Nickel Chloride.
    • (Metasulfonato de Níquel?)
    • Potassium Stannate.
    • Sodium Stannate.
    • Tin Chloride.

Antibacterial Chemicals

  • Antibacterial products:
    • CLEAGEN®: Potent disinfectant to guard against viruses and bacteria, ideal for use in hospitals and beauty salons.
    • Organic repellent, free of chemical additives, to guard against mosquitoes, gnats, etc.